Hey Devi, you won't believe what happened in class today.

Doogie, I can't even imagine. Were you talking about farm animals again?

Well, yeah, but besides that. I was talkin' away, and there was this loud noise in the hall. Horns blaring, people screaming, chanting, and it kept getting closer and closer. Finally it was right outside my room, and it was a protest march. Those marching opened both classroom doors, and their horns blew right into the class!

Wow! That must have been quite disruptive.

It was. It took about five minutes to get the student's attention back. But you know what the protest was about?


They were protesting the right to education! They kept chanting "Education is a right, Stop increasing tuition!" I guess they didn't recognize the rights of those students in the class.

I guess not. Hey Doogie, what do you think happens to that tuition money? Do you think, just maybe, it gets used to provide education?

Gee, Davie, that seems pretty far fetched, but I bet it does.

So, if they freeze tuition, and less money gets spent on books for the library, does that not inhibit the rights of those students who are trying to get an education?

Gee, Devi, I think you're right again! So what you're saying is these poor students might be worse off by the restrictions on tuition? Not only were these protesters wrong to violate the rights of those students by interupting them, they were also advocating a position which would ultimately make them worse off.

That's right Doogie. But why do you call them "poor"? Wealth is equal to the present value of the future stream of earnings. These students, though their annual incomes are low right now, are actually very wealthy. These people are going to graduate and land jobs which will put them in the top quartile of earnings in the country. If you look around campus, you'll see students with the latest laptops, clothing, cars, cell phones, and hair styles. These consumption patterns reflect their wealth. Ordinary people in the Fraser Valley, who have annual incomes like those of students, don't consume anything like students. That's because they really are poorer.

Wow, Devi, there's more to this than meets the eye. So the protesters failed to recognize the irony in trampling on the rights of students in class, they failed to see that reduced tuition ultimately hurts students, and they're advocating a policy which would transfer wealth from poor working class people in the Fraser Valley to wealthy students on campus. There's no doubt about it, these people deserve the
Too Stupid to Recognize Irony Award!