Commentary on Everyday Life at SFU by Two Boys from the Valley...

...Who Should Know Better, But Apparently Do Not



Hey Doogie, what's up with this web page?

Well Devi, we're just two simple, sensitive guys from the Fraser Valley in British Columbia and I thought that the SFU community might benefit from some of our "Fraser Valley common sense."

Hey...great idea! There's so much stupidity around campus -- we may as well join in all the fun. After all, we've been known to make a few major contributions ourselves! But you know, being the sensitive types that we are, we certainly don't want to insult or offend anyone.

I know, I know. But that's the beauty of this site. We're going to hand out awards called the SnaFUs, celebrating the stupidity of someone on campus, without identifying anyone in particular. In doing so, we continue to propagate the belief that stupidity is always attributable to some anonymous "other person." In this way, we'll always be on the path of improving the self-esteem of everyone. A win-win situation, don't you think?

You know, you're pretty smart for a simple valley boy, Doogie. Can others on campus help out?

They sure can, Devi. Anyone can send us their nominations by emailing us at: Now stop bugging me and let's get on with the awards!

Fan Mail. Hate Mail.


The King has no Logo Award
2007 Winner : SFU

For their inane branding initiative..



Up-in-Smoke Award
2006 Winner : SFU Control Freaks

For idiotic regulatory behavior.



Time-Waste Award
2006 Winner : SFU Fire Department

For helping us all prepare for the expected.



Father Knows Best Award
2005 Winner : SFSS (Simon Fraser Student Society)

For understanding that students can't be expected to think or make decisions on their own.



Crybaby Award
2005 Winner : TSSU (Teaching Support Staff Union)
For managing to portray one of the most privileged segments of our society as oppressed members of the "working" class. Discussion.


Stupid Waste Award
2004 Winner : SFU Parking Services
For making students pay with valuable time instead of cheaper dollars. Discussion.


Too Stupid to Recognize Irony Award
2004 Winner : SFU Student Protesters
For disrupting lectures while advocating "student rights." Discussion.


Bogus Boycott Award
2004 Winner : SFSS (Simon Fraser Student Society)
For encouraging students to boycott their tuition fees, leading to big penalties for those who listened, and then declaring "victory."Discussion.


Idiocy Disguised as Advocacy Award
2004 Winner : SFU Human Rights and Equity Group
For advocating "gender neutral" washrooms on behalf of all transgender, intersex, gender queer, and gender deviant people who are in dire need of a "less threatening" bathroom experience. Discussion.


Twisted Gender Policy Award
2004 Winner : SFU Gym
For unwavering consistency in their inconsistent treatment of men and women. Discussion.






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