March 2011

Michigan Takes Over Flint's Budget

Poverty spurs due to the loss of auto manufacturing jobs. Flint's declared to be in financial state of emergency, and the state takes over budgetary control.

June 2011

New Financial Manager Takes Over

Governor Rick Snyder is appointed as emergency financial manager to handle Flint. Assigned with the quote "simply do one thing and one thing only, to cut the budget at any cost". This leads to the switch from Lake Huron water to Flint River Water.

July 2011

Anti-Corrosion Treatment Needed

A study finds that in order for Flint water to be considered drinkable, it would need to be treated with an anti-corrosion agent that would stop the water from corroding the city's lead pipes and preventing the lead from seeping into the water.

April 2014

Flint Officials Publicly Drink City Water

Officials decide not to add the anti-corrosion treatment. Mayor Dayne Walling and other city leaders drink Flint Water in front of local media to attempt to show it's safe to drink.

May 2014

Flint Water Switch is Official

Flint residents statedrt complaining about the water. Water coming out of faucets is stated to be brown colored and emits a bad odour.

January 2015

Detroit Offers Help but Flint Officials Decline

Detroit Water and Sewage Department offer to reconnect Flint to its water supply with a connection fee waive. Flint Emergency Manager Jerry Ambrose declines Detroit's offer citing the $1 million a month increase.

Febuary 2015

The EPA and DEQ discuss lead

The Environmental Protection Agency and Michigan's Environmental Quality Department discuss about high levels of lead found in the water.

July 2015

Internal EPA Memo Leaked

An EPA internal memo is leaked by the American Civil Liberties Union showing lead levels in Flint's water are now high enough to get lead poisoning.

August 2015

Virginia Tech Researchers launch investigation

Group of Virginia Tech researchers test the water in Flint homes. They find elevated levels of lead and make their findings public.

September 2015

Doctor finds high levels of lead in patients

Pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha finds that the levels of lead in children living in certain parts of Flint tripled.

October 2015

The Switch back to Detroit Water Supply

The governor announces a plan to reconnect Flint to Detroit water supply. Flint's water supply switches back from the Flint River to Lake Huron. Researches continue to find lead in the water due to the damage already done to the lead pipes.

October 2015

State environmental chief admits mistake

Dan Wyant, director of the Department of Environmental Quality, says his "staff made a mistake" while working with the City of Flint. Experts say adding the anti-corrosion agent that would have cost the state $100 a day would have prevented 90% of Flint's water problems.

November 2015

Federal Lawsuit Filed

Residents file a federal class-action lawsuit against the governor, the state of Michigan, Wyant, the city of Flint and other defendants.

December 2015

DEO Chief Resigns

Wyant resigns as director of the Department of Environment Quality.

January 2016

Governor asks for federal aid

The Governor requests a Presidential declaration of a major disaster and emergency, and requests federal aid.

Febuary 2016

Governor Snyder Apologizes

Snyder publicly apologizes for the Flint water crisis and asks legislators for $28 million in aid. That aid would help pay for bottled water and filters; the treatment of citizens with high lead levels.

Febuary 2016

Legionnaires' Disease Bacteria found in water

A Flint hospital reports Legionnarie's disease bacteria in its water system. Levels are low enough to not be considered a drinking hazard but officials are on alert.

Febuary 2016

Senators Propose $600 million in federal funding for flint

Michigan's two democratic senators unveil a $600 million plan to help Flint. $400 million for infastructure improvements and $200 million for the health care of those affected by lead.

Febuary 2016

State gives $28 million for Flint Crisis

The Michigan Legislature agrees to give $28 million in aid for Flint. CNN affliate WJRT says $4 million will be used to treat children affected by lead. The rest of the money will go toward unpaid water bills and other needs.

March 2016

Signs of Improvement

Lead levels in Flint's drinking water are "much, much, better," says the Virginia Tech research group that initially identified the contamination.

April 2016

$229 Million Complaint Filed

A class-action complaint representing 514 residents seeks more than $220 million from the EPA.

July 2016

State Workers Charged with crimes

Six current or former state workers are charged with crimes ranging from misconduct in office to willful neglect of duty.

December 2016

4 Officials charged with felonies

Two former Flint emergency managers and two water plant officials are accused of misleading the state's Treasury department into letting the city borrow millions of dollars for false water project.

January 2017

Lead levels are within standards

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality says that lead levels in the city's water tested below the federal limit in a recent six-month study.

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