Donald Estep


  1. M. Laforest, Finished: 2002. Professor, Montreal Polytechnique.
  2. A. Malqvist, Finished: 2007. Professor, Chalmers University, Sweden.
  3. V. Ginting, Finished: 2007. Professor, University of Wyoming.
  4. D. Lockwood, Finished: 2007. Instructor, Colorado State University
  5. D. Pham, Finished: 2009, Lecturer, University of California Davis 
  6. H. Wang, Finished: 2009.
  7. J. Sandelin, Finished: 2010. Currently, GeoEye, Inc.
  8. M. Presho, Finished: 2011. Assistant Professor, Southeast Missouri State University     
  9. V. Carey, Finished: 2012. Computational Scientist at Theodon Consulting
  10. T. Butler, Finished: 2013. Associate Professor, University of Colorado at Denver
  11. J. Collins, Finished: 2014. Assistant Professor, University of Mary Washington
  12. J. Hameed, Finished: 2014. Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico
  13. B. Sheehan, Finished: 2014. Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Reno
  14. R. Mckeown, Finished: 2015. Senior Software Engineer at Mcfarland Technology
  15. W. Newton, Finished: 2016. Senior Data Scientist at Syntellis Performance Solutions
  16. N. Panda, Finished: 2017. Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  17. S. Matthis, Finished: 2020. Senior Engineer, Naval Nuclear Laboratory.
  18. F. Yazdi, Simon Fraser University, in progress.
  19. S. Basu, Simon Fraser University, in progress.