Dr. Don J. DeVoretz obtained his doctorate in Economics from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) in 1968.He is a Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University and currently directs the Canadians Abroad Project at the Asia Pacific Foundation. Dr. DeVoretz directed RIIM, Vancouverís Centre of Excellence on Immigration Studies (1996-2007) and has held visiting appointments at Duke University, University of Ibadan (Nigeria), University of the Philippines, University of Wisconsin, and the Norwegian School of Economics and was the Willy Brandt Guest Professor at IMER, Malmo University in 2004. He is a Research Fellow with IZA (Germany) and the Migration Research Group (Germany).Dr. DeVoretz was named a British Columbia Scholar to China in 2000.In addition, Dr. DeVoretzís current research interests include the economics of immigration with special emphasis on Canadian return migration which is supported by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. Dr. DeVoretz sat on the Canadian Border Advisory Board between 2005 and 2008. His latest book The Economics of Citizenship (2008) is available from Malmo University Press. Dr. DeVoretz may be contacted at