COURSE:       Economics 290-3 D9                                       SEMESTER:  Fall 2010

TITLE:  Canadian Microeconomic Policy                                INSTRUCTOR:  S. Easton


Course Outline and Reading List


Required Texts:  Brander, James A., Government Policy Toward Business, 4th Edition, 2006, John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. and Luciani, Patrick., Economic Myths : Making Sense of Canadian Policy Issues (4th ed.); additional material will be posted on my web site ( from time to time.


Grading: Midterm 1: 20%; Midterm 2: 20%; Tutorial: 10%; Final Exam: 50%

Students who cannot write one or both of the midterm exams for documented medical/personal reasons will write a final exam with a suitably adjusted weight.


Week 1: Brander: Chapters 1 and 2; Luciani: ix-xvi

Week 2: Brander: Chapters 3; Luciani: Chapter 17

Week 3: Brander: Chapter 4; Luciani: Chapters 4 and 15

Practice Exam for First Midterm

Week 4: Mid-term Exam

Week 5: Brander: Chapter 5*, 6, 15; Luciani: 3 and 4

Week 6: Brander: Chapter 7*, 8; Luciani: Chapter 10, 11 and 29

Week 7: Brander: Chapter 9: Luciani: Chapter 7

Week 8: Brander: Chapter 10; Luciani: Chapters 18 and 19

Week 9: Brander: Chapter 11; Luciani: Chapters 20 and 21

Practice Exam for Second Midterm

Week 10: Remembrance Day: No Class

Week 11: Mid-term Exam

Week 12: Brander: Chapter 16: Luciani: Chapter 5

Week 13: Luciani: Chapter 24 and 27

*Recommended but not required








Students requiring accommodations as a result of a disability must contact the Centre for Students with Disabilities at 778-782-3112 or

All students are expected to read and understand SFU’s policies with regard to academic dishonesty (S 10.02 and S 10.03).  These policies are available at the following web addresses: and