Economics 345
Fall 2011

Mr. Easton

Initial Outline and Reading List

Homework Assignments and other handouts as appropriate.  These are detailed below as we reach the relevant chapters.

Students may want to take the opportunity to become acquainted with Nouriel Roubini's  web site at New York University (NYU)
which has links to a wide rangeof international financial information .  You may want to
explore this site at regular intervals during the course as we develop different tools and topics.

To look at some Canadian Exchange Rates check .  It also contains adiscussion of a variety of exchange rate issues and
current and archival exchange rates for a wide range of countries.  

Although it is sometimes unavailable, here is a "real time" plot of the Canadian dollar price of the US dollar: our usual measure of the exchange rate.

[Most Recent Exchange Rate from]

You may be interested in statistics from the Bank of Canada.  A good start can be found at:
This site provides data about the Canadian economy from a financial perspective.
The Bank of Canada home page provides additional indicators of interest:

Assignment 1 :
Due in the first week of tutorial. This is week 2 of classes.

Chapter 13:  Notes on the Canadian Balance of Payments
Chapter 14: Arbitrage and Exchange Rates and Credit Default Swaps and Selected Other Instruments , Some Arithmetic for Asset Returns
Chapter 15: Inflation and Monetary Growth (arithmetic); Notes on Money
Chapter 16: Notes
Chapter 17: Notes

Practice Midterm Exam for October 18

Chapter 18: Notes
Chapter 19: Notes
Chapter 20: Notes
Chapter 21: Notes
Chapter 22: Notes

Notes on the Great Recession

Practice Final