Have overheads: Will travel


As jobs go, professoring is a bit odd. One spends most of one's time trying to make sense of something, and then some of one's time trying to tell others about it. The ways to tell others include writing books or articles. Once professors have published enough to choke your average donkey, or fellow professor, they commonly find themselves invited to indulge in the other main way of telling others about their work, by giving talks. These invitations may come from almost anywhere in the galaxy. So the studious professor, who hasn't got out much because he, in this case, has been writing intensively in his study, may suddenly find himself, bemused and jet-lagged, staggering out of airplanes into the waiting arms of foreign hosts.

What follows is an account of some of the travels I have undertaken, enjoyed and endured. The view of the world available to the itinerant lecturer is a bit odd, I think, and it's this odd view of places and the characters one meets in the process of talking one's ideas at people that I will try to describe. I'll just list a set of accounts of travels below. They vary in length quite a bit. They are all drafts of pieces I'd like to work up into a book ms. someday, so I'd value any comments, criticism, suggestions,etc.


Alert in Israel

Stone tongued in Dublin



Staggering across Europe, Pt. 1

Greek efficiency

Easing into Portugal

Cautious in Sao Paulo

Australia, we love you!

San Antonio


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