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Kató Havas

Her books, and how you can get them:


The New Approach to Violin Playing


The Twelve Lesson Course


The Violin and I


Stage Fright: Its causes and cures


Freedom to Play: A string manual with Jerome Landsman


These book are available from Bosworth in England, or through Amazon books in North America.




The Kato Havas Teaching Video. With detailed exercises on the release of tension and the prevention of anxeity in performance, Kato covers all aspects of right arm and left hand technique, assisted by pupils and former pupils.


The Heart of Music Making made in l978 is available from Nancy Johnson, 25 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand.


Cassette tapes of the Kato Havas String Workshops 20th Anniversary Copncert in Angwin, CA are available from K&D Studios, 213 Longview Court, Antioch, CA 940509.


A brief biographical sketch