Teaching literacy:

Engaging the imagination of new readers and writers


Published in April 2006. Now available in bookstores across the galaxy.


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"Great Book Jan 12, 2009 --
I bought this book for Christmas for my girlfriend, an aspiring SLP focusing on literacy. She absolutely loves it, says it's very easy to read, and cannot wait to use the classroom applications in real life. "

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"A fascinating piece of writing, presenting ideas that are fresh and exciting."
-Taddie Kelly, Literacy Coach and Reading Interventionist
Waco Independent School District, TX.

"Focuses on enhancing students' metalinguistic awareness and not just their intuitive use of words, fostering the development of higher mental functions."
-Elena Bodrova, Senior Researcher, McREL

TEACHING LITERACY: ENGAGING THE IMAGINATION OF NEW READERS AND WRITERS is a fun, revealing guide for teachers interested in going beyond the textbook to add an atmosphere of fun to literacy. Acknowledging that this atmosphere of fun, familiar ideas and experiences encourage effective instruction, TEACHING LITERACY offers a new approach designed to present classroom teachers with intriguing, different activities. Chapters offer challenges for student and teacher alike and encourage lessons which are refreshingly different.


Teaching Literacy: Engaging the Imagination of New
Readers and Writers

In Teaching Literacy, Egan rejects the notion that familiar ideas and experiences are the best vehicles for effective instruction. Instead, he champions a new approach that focuses on teaching core literacy skills using concepts ranging from fascinating to exotic to magnificent to weird. By framing the elements of literacy in the unforgettable, students more readily internalize and retain material, not only preparing them for tests, but also instilling a lifelong love of reading and writing.


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