Some links to Japanese Garden related sites

First a couple of forum sites where you can find the answer to almost any questions about Japanese Gardening. They both have a wealth of further links and photographs:

There are endless sites devoted to aspects of Japanese Gardening. You might want to explore this one, and, if you want to see pictures, you could try this one, and this one,

You might find articles of interest in The Japanese Garden Journal

For information about bamboo, try this site, and this one. Here is another excellent bamboo site, whose creator, Gayle, from the Lewis Bamboo Groves, kindly gave me permission to use her image of the black bamboo that I have placed throughout my account, and above and below this page.

If you are into moss--and who isn't?!--you might try this moss site, which has links to further moss sites.

If you enjoy accounts of building gardens, you might try this one, in which "two wrinkly gardeners build paradise in Tasmania." Or you might follow a good correspondent of mine during the process of my building at this site.

And here's Sam Whiskey's Japanese garden. Here's some superb pictures and description of the Japanese garden in Golden Gate park, San Francisco.

For a description of teahouse construction, you might try this site.

If you want to buy some materials for your garden, try JapanGarden Co. UK - Offering only the finest high quality and authentic Japanese garden products.


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