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Program Questionnaire

Part of what we would like to accomplish as a Student Union is to establish a feedback system between the students and faculty to make the program stronger and more vital. Please answer the following questions to help us out.

  1. Why did you choose to enroll in Environmental Science at SFU?

2. What stream of the program are you enrolled in?
Applied Biology Environmental Earth Systems Environmetrics  Water Science

3. How many semesters have you completed?

4. Has the program met your expectations so far? Why or why not.

5. Do you feel that this program the program has prepared you for the job
market? Why or why not?

6. How could this program be improved?


The following are core courses common to all streams of the Environmental
Science Program.

Please leave your comments about the following courses (ie. Was this
course useful? What did you like best about the course? What do you feel
was lacking from the course? How could this course be improved? Etc.) If
you have not yet taken the course, please leave blank.

EVSC 100, Introduction to Environmental Science

EVSC 205, Applied Methods in Environmental Science

EVSC 399, Environmental Science Cohort; Third Year Seminar

EVSC 499, Environmental Science Cohort, Fourth Year Seminar

Applied Biology is the most popular stream in the SFU environmental science
program. The following courses may or may not apply to other
streams. Please indicate your opinions as above if you have taken these

CHEM 215, Introduction to Analytical Chemistry

BISC 316, Vertebrate Biology

BISC 337, Vascular Plants

REM 311, Applied Ecology and Sustainable Environments

REM 445, Environmental Risk Assessment

STAT 302,Analysis of Experimental and Observational Data,

GEOG 316, Ecosystem Biogeochemistry

Other courses you would like to comment on or other suggestions for the program:

Student Union Questions:
Do you think we need anything in the new common room?

What issues would you like the student union to deal with?

What do you feel are the major issues that the student union should
address on behalf of environmental science students?

  Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Any further feedback can be sent to the e-mail address listed under "Contact" on the left.

Updated: Oct. 8, 2011