The Feminist Institute was established in 1990 to facilitate and continue the development of feminist analyses on law and society at Simon Fraser University. It is designed to provide an environment for creative interaction among scholars and community representatives who are involved in its work locally, nationally and internationally, and to bridge gaps between legal and social science research.

The Feminist Institute for Studies on Law and Society has been affiliated with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology since 2005 and occupies a space within the department for research-related activities. The FI has continued to focus on facilitating the production and dissemination of feminist socio-legal knowledge that is both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary and that involves non-academics as well as academics.

Some of the key activities within the institute are:

  • Providing work space for research assistants
  • Facilitating graduate student researchers with the Bertha Wilson Bursary
    The Bertha Wilson Bursary is a small award allocated annually to a graduate student engaged in feminist, socio-legal research for his or her thesis.
  • Disseminating research information and knowledge
  • Organizing public lectures
  • Developing networks to foster research opportunities
  • Networking with other feminist research institutes like The FREDA Centre and the Center for Feminist Legal Studies at UBC
  • Engaging in consultations and meetings with visiting scholars and practitioners.