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The Glaciology Group in the SFU Department of Earth Sciences studies glacier and ice-sheet dynamics, the hydrology of glacierized systems, and the relationship of these systems to climate. Our interests have led us to explore the hydrology and dynamics of alpine glaciers, outburst floods from ice-dammed lakes, glacier surges and glacier-climate interactions. Field-based and modelling techniques complement one another in most of these pursuits. We lead a field-based glaciological research program in the St. Elias Mountains of Yukon, Canada, aimed at understanding the role of glacier dynamics in modulating regional glacier mass balance.


2017/05/26: Flavien Beaud successfully defended his PhD thesis! 'Numerical investigations of subglacial hydrology as a direct and indirect driver of glacial erosion'. Flavien is headed to Caltech in Fall 2017 with a Postdoctoral Fellowship from SNF to work with Mike Lamb.

2017/05/11: Gwenn Flowers joined SFU Postdoctoral Fellow Laura Thomson, Luke Copland (University of Ottawa) and Miles Eccelestone (Trent University) for a spring field season in the High Arctic on White Glacier, Axel Heiberg Island.

2017/04/28: Flavien Beaud gave an invited talk at the European Geosciences Union Meeting in Vienna.

2017/04/03: Congratulations to MSc candidate Dave Bigelow, the latest NSERC scholarship recipient in the Glaciology Group!

2017/03/21: New paper in GRL on the future demise of Barnes ice cap, and what this says about our 21st century climate, by former SFU postdoc Adrien Gilbert. See the AGU press release.

2017/03/13: Congratulations to M.Sc. candidate Alex Pulwicki for winning the People's Choice Award in the Faculty of Science Three-Minute Thesis competition and for placing third in the university-wide finals!

2017/2/21: Welcome to PDF Leif Anderson who has moved to SFU to continue his postdoctoral work on the ANATILS collaborative project.

2016/12/10: Welcome to PDF Laura Thomson who has been awarded a W. Garfield Weston Postdoctoral Fellowship in Northern Research.

2016/07/29: New paper out on Barnes ice cap sensitivity to climate and internal dynamics by former SFU postdoc Adrien Gilbert.

2016/06/28: Bugs, boats and big data defined our trip to Miller Lake near Pemberton, BC, with UW-Tacoma collaborator Dan Shugar. Thanks to the UW Quaternary Research Center for supporting this pilot project.

2016/06/18: Gwenn Flowers, Jeff Crompton and Alex Pulwicki participated in the International Summer School in Glaciology from 7-17 June 2016 in McCarthy, Alaska, put on by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

2016/06/16: David Saint-Jacques, who joined us for field work and CSA-sponsored training on the Kaskawulsh Glacier in 2015, will be the next Canadian astronaut in space.

2016/05/30: Alex Pulwicki, Gwenn Flowers, Coline Ariagno and Ali Criscitiello are back from a successful spring field campaign to measure snow depth and density across three glaciers in the St. Elias Mountains of Yukon, followed by a pilot project in the icefields with Sian Williams.

2016/04/30: Congratulations to PhD candidate Jeff Crompton and MSc candidate Alex Pulwicki for receiving NSERC Scholarships!


If you are interested in graduate studies and your research interests lie within the scope of the current research program, please send an e-mail inquiry to Dr. Gwenn Flowers and include your CV and transcripts. Inquiries are welcomed from students of a variety of science backgrounds, including earth sciences, physics, applied mathematics and engineering. Prospective students must have at least the equivalent of university-level calculus and physics. For more information about applying, see SFU's Graduate Program.