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Please note that there are many excellent bibliographies available on the web.
** denotes recommended reading **

Altman, Rick (editor)

**Genre: The Musical**

BFI, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London: 1981


Excellent collection of academic essays.
SFU library

Atkins, Irene Kahn

Source Music in Motion Pictures

Assoc. University Press, Toronto: 1983


Interesting topic moderately well documented. Somewhat anecdotal and light - it has a good bibliography and pictures.
SFU Library

Aziz, Ashraf

Light of the Universe,: Hindustani Film music

Three Essays Press: 2003

ML 2075 A95 2003(SFU Library)

Essays on individual artists and the use of the female voice in Hindustani films.

Bazelon, Irwin

Knowing the Score: Notes on Film Music

Arco Publishing, New York: 1981


Completely uneven book with score excerpts of several films and much anecdotal trivia. Half of the book is interviews with composers.
Available in paperback

Bernstein, Charles H.
Film Music and Everything Else

Turnstyle Music, 2000
ISBN: 0970427301

Brand, Neil
Dramatic Notes: Foregrounding Music in the Dramatic Experience

Luton University Press, Arts Council of England, 1998
ISBN: 1860205488

Discussion of the power of music. Contains many composer interviews.

Brophy, Philip (editor)
The World of Sound in Film (1999), Cinema & the Sound of Music (2000)

Sidney: AFTRS Publications

A collection of papers presented at recent Cinesonic conferences.

Brougham, Chris

A Critical Inquiry into the Methodology of Film Sound Analysis

SFU Masters Thesis

PN1995.7B76 1992

Focus on the film Dr. No, this is a very detailed analysis from both an ideological as well as phenomenological approach.

Brown, Royal S.

**Overtones & Undertones: Reading Film Music**

Univ. of California, Berkely: 1994


An excellent in-depth exploration of film music with special emphasis upon Pierrot le Fou, Double Indemnity, The Sea Hawk, Laura, Shadow of a Doubt and Psycho.  Includes interviews with composers Rozsa, Raskin, Herrmann, Mancini, Jarre, Schifrin, Barry and Shore.
Available in paperback

Bruce, Graham

Bernard Herrmann: Film Music and Narrative

UMI Research Press, Ann Arbor Michigan: 1985


Best source for information on Herrmann. Also includes bibliography, and social historical context of his work. Valuable for the complete analysis with score excerpts for several important movies.
SFU Library

Buhler, James/Flinn, Caryl/Neumeyer, David (editors)
**Music and Cinema (Music/Culture)**

Wesleyan Univ. Press, 2000

ISBN 0819564117

ML 2075 M875 2000 (SFU Library)

Excellent collection of academic articles. Some with a strong musicology approach. Highly recommended.


Burt, George

**The Art of Film Music**

Northeastern Univ. Press, Boston: 1994

MT64.M65B87 1994

Excellent text with emphasis upon the work of George Burt, Hugo Friedhofer, Alex North, David Raskin and Leonard Rosenman

Chion, Michel, translated by Claudia Gorbman

**Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen**

Columbia Univ. Press, New York: 1994


Chion is a composer of electroacoustic music and a unique theoretical visionary in regards to film sound.  Excellent translation by Claudia Gorbman.  This is an english language summary of Chion’s three previous texts.
SFU Library

Cook, Nicholas

analysing musical multimedia

Oxford Univ. Press: 2000

ML 3849 C73 2000 (SFU Library)

Musicological approach to music in multimedia including music videos, animation, opera.

Danley, Linda (editor)
Hugo Friedhofer: The Best Years of His Life

Scarecrow Press: 1999

ASIN: 0810835827


Darby, William & Du Bois, Jack ed.,

American Film Music (Major composers, Technicques, Trends, 1915-1990)

McFarland & Company, Jefferson, North Carolina, 1990

ML2075.D33 (SFU Library)

A look at some of the American greats: Tiomkin, Steiner, Korngold, etc. Some simple theme analysis of selected films.  Filmography to 1989 & an Academy Award listing.  Good intro to classic Hollywood scoring although most of the composers are better represented in other books.

Daubney, Kate

Max Steiner's Now, Voyager

Greenwood Press: 2000

ML 410 S 8163 D38 2000 (SFU Library)

Overview of Steiner's techniques and influence and an excellent analysis of the score, including notation of various themes.

Davison, Annette

Hollywood Theory, Non-Hollywood Practice: Cinema Soundtracks in the 1980s & 1990s

Ashgate Press: 2004

ML 2075 D39 2004 (SFU Library)

Excellent essays on alternative approaches to music for film in the late 20th century.

Dickinson, Kay editor

**Movie Music: The Film Reader**

Routledge Press: 2003

ML 2075 M877 2003 (SFU Library)

Superb and diverse collection of essays.

Donnelly, K.J., editor

**Film Music: Critical Approaches**

Edinburgh Univ. Press: 2001

ML2075 F453 2001 (SFU Library)

Excellent collection of articles on film music and sound.

Duncan, Dean

Charms that Soothe

Fordham Univ. Press: 2003

ML 2075 D83 2003 (SFU Library)

Essays on classical music in narrative film.

Ergova, Tatiana
Soviet Film Music: An Historical Survey

London: Harwood Academic Publishers, (Routledge?) 1997

ISBN 3718659115


Evans, Mark

Soundtrack: The Music of the Movies

Da Capo, New York: 1979


Anecdotal and not very well written survey. Very conservative approach with little insight.
Available in paperback

Flynn, Caryl
Strains of Utopia: Gender, Nostalgia and Hollywood Film Music

Princeton University Press, 1997

ASIN 0691006199

ML2075 F55 1992

Excellent treatise on "classical film music": references films of the 30s and 40s in the Hollywood tradition.
SFU Library

Gabbard, Krin
Jammin' at the Margins: Jazz and American Cinema

Chicago, Univ. of Chicago Press: 1996)


Goldmark, Daniel

Tunes for 'Toons

Univ. of California Press: 2001

ML 2075 G65 2005 (SFU Library)

Essays on cartoons/animations and music with a focus on the golden age of Hollywood animation.

Gorbman, Claudia

**Unheard Melodies: narrative film music**

BFI Publishing, Indiana University Press: 1987

ML2075.G67 (SFU Library)

Excellent source on the theoretical writing around film scoring. Large annotated bibliography and analysis of three films with score excerpts. A must for anyone working in the area.
Available in paperback

Kalinak, Kathryn

Settling the Score: Music and the Classical Hollywood Film

University of Wisconsin Press, Madison: 1992

ML2075K341992 (SFU Library)

Karlin, Fred

**Listening to the Movies: The Film Lover’s Guide to Film Music**

Schirmer, New York: 1994


Accessible and well written with fairly detailed analysis of The adventres of Robin Hood, Dark Victory, Speelbound, The Spirit of St. Louis, North by Northwest, The magnificent 7, Close Encounters and a filmography and listing of the works of many composers.

Karlin, Fred & Wright, Rayburn (editors)

**On the Track: A Guide to Contemporary Film Scoring**

Schirmer, New York: 1990


What will no doubt become the must have book for would be film and television composers. Includes many score examples and an exhaustive detailing of the process of scoring a Hollywood film from demo tape to final mix. Contains a complete "Click Book". Worth owning for the large number of scores and the organization of the scores into topics such as "genre", "ethnic", "songs" etc. Good, relevant! anecdotes by some of the heroes.
SFU Library (Reserve) also can be ordered in hard cover.

Kassabian, Anahid

Hearing Film: Tracking Identifications in Contemporary Hollwood Film Music

Routledge: 2001

ML 2075 K39 2001 (SFU Library)

Newly published work, somewhat idosyncratic: references several recent films and offers some unique perspectives and ideas on film music.

Joe, Jeongwon & Theresa, Rose, editors

Between Opera and Cinema

Routledge Press: 2002

ML 2100 B47 2002(SFU Library)

Essays on opera and cinema from Marx Brothers to Philip Glass as well as operas as film and opera references in cinema.

Lack, Russell
Twenty Four Frames Under: A Buried History of Film Music

London, Quartet Books 1997


Lustig, Milton

Music Editing for Motion Pictures

Hasting House, New York: 1980


Complete detail of what was required to do this job for a major studio before 1980. Useful organizational tips for any composer.
Aavilable in hard cover only

MacDonald, Laurence E.

The Invisible Art of Film Music

Ardsley: 1998

ML 2075 M19 1998 (SFU Library)

Light survey. Not a scholarly work. Organized by years from 1920 - 1997. Many photographs and brief precis of films and composers.

Manvell, Roger and Huntley, John

The Technique of Film Music

Hasting House,New York: 1957,1969


Although some sections are quite out of date this book is valuable for the scores (with their associated images) and for offering an historical perspective on scoring. Along with interviews and quotes form some of the greats there is a listing of scores on record. (remember records?)

Marks, Martin Miller

Music and the Silent Film: Contexts and Case Studies, 1894 - 1925.

Oxford Univ. Press: 1997

ML2075 M242 1997 (SFU Library)

Excellent reference with several manuscript examples and clearly the result of exhaustive research.

Marmorstein, Gary
**Hollywood Rhapsody, Movie Music and its Makers, 1900-1975**

Schirmer, New York: 1997


Interesting historical detail with emphasis on personalities, studio politics and popular films. Very little about the music per say but useful and entertaining.

McCarty, Clifford

Film Music 1

Garland Publishing, New York: 1989


A collection of writing on film scoring. Some excellent articles.
SFU Library

McVay, Douglas

The Musical Film

A.S. Barnes & Co. New York: 1967


An anecdotal year by year listing of film musicals the author has seen. Generously salted with gossip and other tidbits. From the Jazz Singer to My Fair Lady.
SFU Library

Prendergast, Roy M

**Film Music:A Neglected Art - A Critical Study of Music in Films*

Norton & Co., New York: 1985

ML2075.P73 (SFU Library)

One of the few books with actual full score excerpts - worth getting for that reason alone. Covers mostly traditional approach. Despite Prendergast's conservative style Chapter 5 has some pictures and information about scoring animation - in particular the work of Norman McClaren and the Whitneys
Available in paperback

Reay, Pauline

Music in Film: Soundtracks and Synergy

Wallflower Press: 2004

ML 102 M68 2004 (SFU Library)

Essays on the role of the song in film with a focus upon the commercial aspects of the relationship between music publishers/producers and the film industry.
Available in paperback

Romney, Jonathan/Wooton, Adrian (Editor)
Celluoid Jukebox: Popular Music and the Movies Since the 1950's

British Film Institute, 1995

ISBN: 0851705073

ML2075 C455 1995 (SFU Library)

Fairly informative, many enticing colour pictures, some intriguing ideas.

Rozsa, Miklos

Double Life

Wynwood Press, New York, 1989



Schelle, Michael
The Score: Interviews with Composers

Silman-James Press: 1999

ISBN: 1879505401

Schroeder, David

Cinema's Illusions, Operas's Allure

Continuum Press: 2002

PN 1995.9 O64 S37 2002 (SFU Library)

Essays on opera and film, film as opera, opera's influences, etc.

Thomas, Tony

Film Score: The Art & Craft of Movie Music

Riverwood Press, Burbank: 1991


A re-release of “Film Score: The View from the Podium” by Thomas with interviews and notes on 25 composers. (Also similar to his Music for Movies)

Thomas, Tony

Music for the Movies

A.S. Barnes & Co., New Jersey: 1973


A few valuable historical anecdotes, a listing of 24 big name composers and their films and what is, no doubt, an out of date discography.
SFU Library         

Wierzbicki, James

Louis & Bebe Barron's Forbidden Planet

Scarecrow Press: 2005

ML 410 b258 w54 2005 (SFU Library)

Excellent description and theme breakdown of this classic 1956 science fiction film score as a seminal work of electroacoustic music.

Wojcik, Pamela & Knight, Arthur

**Soundtrack Available: Essays on Film and Popular Music**

Duke Univ. Press: 2001

ML 2075 S68 2001 (SFU Library)

Large collection of articles on popular music use in film throughout the history of cinema. Excellent resource.