This bibliography is not in any particular order except that I have tried to put the most relevant work nearer to the top.

Note that a search for "electroacoustic music" or "electronic music" on the SFU library site
will lead you to many on-line resources such as
journals, recordings, etc. that you can access with your SFU id & p.w.


Title Author Call # Notes
Experimental Music: Cage & Beyond Nyman, Michael ML 197 N85 1999 Excellent overview of experimental music of the 20th century. Some references to electroacoustic works.
The Language of Electroacoustic Music Emmerson, Simon ML 1092 L35 Important series of essays on electroacoustic music.
Electronic Sound: The past & promise of electronic music Chadabe, Joel ML1380C43 1997 Excellent overview of the history and current state of electronic music
An Introduction to the Creation of Electronic Music Pellman, Samuel ML1380P45 1994 Former text for FPA 247, somewhat out of date but contains valuable material on MIDI, repertoire and technique.
Electronic Music Composition for Beginners Adams, Robert Train MT56A3 1986 Former text for FPA 247, even more out of date than the Pellman but also contains valuable material on MIDI and technique.
The Computer Music Tutorial Roads, Curtis MT 56 R6 1996 One of the most important reference books for computer and electronic music. Covers virtually every topic concisely and expertly.
Interactive Music Systems: Machine listening & composing Rowe, Robert MT723 R7 1993 If this course were to have a required text, this and the Winkler would be it.
Composing Interactive Music: Techniques & ideas using Max Winkler, Todd MT56W5 1998 As with the Rowe, a would be required text for this course with some reservations.(Such as how much Max has changed since 1998)