Herbert Grubel 

 Books and Monographs Authored

(Order: Earliest to Latest)


1.     Forward Exchange, Speculation and the International Flow of Capital, Stanford University Press, 1966

2.     The International Monetary System, Penguin Modern Economics, London, 1969; Baltimore, 1970; revised edition, London, 1972; third and Spanish editions, 1977; fourth edition, 1984 

3.     Intra-Industry Trade:  The Theory and Measurement of International Trade in Differentiated Products,  Macmillan: London and Wileys: New York, 1975 (P.J. Lloyd, co-author) 

4.     International Economics, Irwin: Homewood, Illinois, 1977; second edition 1981; Japanese edition 1980

5.     Brain Drain: Determinants, Measurement and Welfare Effects, Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1977 (A.D. Scott, co-author)

6.     The Real Cost of the B.C. Milk Board, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 1977 (R. Schwindt, co-author)

7.     Free Market Zones:  Deregulating Canadian Enterprise, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 1983 

8.     Focus on the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia:  Public Monopolies and the Public Interest, Vancouver:  The Fraser Institute, 1985 

9.     Why is Canada's Unemployment Rate so High?, Vancouver:  The Fraser Institute, 1985

10.       Service Industry Growth:  Causes and Effects, Vancouver:  The Fraser Institute, 1989 (M. Walker, co- author)

11.       Cross-Border Shopping: The Role of Economic Forces and Government, Vancouver, The Fraser Institute, 1992 (G. Khangura, co-author)

12.       Limits to Government, “Constitutional Limits on Government Spending Deficits and Levels”, Toronto:  CD Howe Institute, 1992 (With contributions by Douglas Purvis and William Scarth)

13.       Theory and Measurement for Economic Policy,

Vol.I: International Adjustment, Money and Trade; Vol.II: International Capital and Service Flows; Vol.III: Unintended Effects of Government Policies. 

These volumes contain a collection of 55 previously published papers by H. Grubel.  They are part of a series “Economists of the 20th Century”, Edward Elgar, Publisher, 1993

14.       A Professor in Parliament: Experiencing a Turbulent Parliament and Reform Party Caucus, 1993-97, West Vancouver: Gordon Soules Book Publishers Ltd., 2000

15.       The Case for the Amero: The Economics and Politics of a North American Monetary Union, Vancouver, The Fraser Institute, Critical Issues Bulletin, 1999; Spanish edition El Amero: Una moneda comun para America del Norte (translated by David Lane and adapted by Manuel Suarez Mier), Mexico City: Ediciones cal y arena, 2001

16.       Immigration and the Welfare State in Canada: Growing Conflicts, Constructive Solutions, Vancouver, The Fraser Institute, Public Policy Sources, No. 84, 2005  


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