Herbert Grubel 

 Books Edited

  (Order: Earliest to Latest)

1.  World Monetary Reform: Plans and Issues, Stanford University Press, 1963, editor 

2.  Effective Tariff Protection, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland, 1971 (H.G. Johnson, co-editor) 

3.  Exchange Rate Policy in Southeast Asia, New York: Heath-Lexington, 1973, (T. Morgan, co-editor and co-author of the Introduction) 

4.  Unemployment Insurance: Global Evidence of its Effect on Unemployment, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 1978 (M. Walker, co-editor); Spanish edition 1981 

5.  Conceptual Issues in Service Sector Research:  A Symposium, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 1987 

6.  The European Community after 1992: Perspectives from the Outside, London: MacMillan, 1992, (Silvio Borner, co-editor)

 7.  How to Use the Fiscal Surplus: What is the Optimal Size of Government?, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute,1998

 8.  Unlocking Canadian Capital:  The Case for Capital Gains Tax Reform, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 2000

 9.   International Evidence on the Effects of Having No Capital Gains Taxes, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 2001 

10. Tax Reform in Canada:  Our Path to Greater Prosperity, Vancouver:  The Fraser Institute, 2002 

11.  Intra-Industry Trade, (Peter Lloyd, co-editor), The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, 160, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2003


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