Herbert Grubel

Papers in Compendia  

(Order: Earliest to Latest)

1.          "The Distribution of Seigniorage from International Liquidity Creation", in Monetary Problems of the International Economy, R. Mundell and A. Swoboda, editors, University of Chicago Press, 1969  

2.          "The Theory of Intra-Industry Trade", in J. McDougall, et al., ed., Studies in International Economics, Amsterdam: North Holland, 1970 

3.          "A Theory of Optimum Regional Association", in The Economics of Common Currencies, edited by H.G. Johnson and A. Swoboda, London: Allen and Unwin, 1973 

4.          Effective Tariff Protection: A Non-Specialist Introduction to the Theory, Policy Implications and Controversies", Effective Protection reprinted in Selected Topics in International Trade and Finance, Little, Brown and Co., 1973, R.E. Baldwin and D.J. Richardson, co-editors 

5.          "Private and Social Rates of Return from Some U.S. Asset Holdings in Canada", Policy Formation in an Open Economy, Vol. 2, Waterloo, Ont.: University of Waterloo, 1975, R. Mundell and E. van Snellenburg, editors   

 6.          The Optimum Stability of Exchange Rates and a Southeast Asian Payments Union", in Exchange Rate Policy in Southeast Asia, Heath-Lexington, 1973, H. Grubel and T. Morgan, co-editors   

 7.          "Environmental Controls and International Trade", in Studies in International Environmental Economics, New York, John Wiley, 1976, I. Walter, editor 

8.          "Moral Hazard, Unemployment Insurance and the Rate of Unemployment", (M. Walker, co-author) in Unemployment Insurance: Global Evidence of its Effects on Unemployment, Proceedings of an International Conference held in Vancouver, H. Grubel and M. Walker, editors, Vancouver:  The Fraser Institute, 1978, 1-37 

9.          "How Important is Control over International Reserves", The New International Monetary System, R.A. Mundell and J.J. Polak, co-editors, New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 1977 

 10.     "Multinational Banking:  Theory and Regulation", in Issues in Financial Regulation, F.R. Edwards, ed., New York: McGraw‑Hill, 1979 (J. Dean, co-author) 

 11.     "Making Rational Choices on the Way Ahead", The Way Ahead, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 1977 

 12.     "The Regulation of International Banks:  Bank Examiner's View", Comment, in Key Issues in International Banking, Boston: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 1978 

 13.     "Towards a New International Economic Order:  Liberal Rules vs. Government Market Intervention", in Ponenzias Simposio Internacional: Comercio Exterior Y Desarollo Economico, Madrid:  Centro de Estudios Y Comunicacion Economia, 1979 

 14.     "Towards a Theory of Two-Way Trade in Capital Assets", in On the Economics of Intra-Industry Trade, H. Giersch, ed., Tuebingen: Mohr, 1978;  reprinted in Peter Lloyd and Herbert Grubel, editors, Intra-Industry Trade, The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, 160, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2003 

  15.     "Whither the Natural Rate of Unemployment?" in Issues in Canadian Public Policy, D. Purvis, ed., Kingston: Queens University, Dept. of Economics, 1979 

 16.     "About the Establishment of an  Afro-Currency Market in Nairobi", Essays in Memory of Egon Sohmen, C.P. Kindleberger, J. Chipman, eds., Amsterdam: North Holland, 1980, pp. 297‑311 

 17.     "Gold and the Dollar Crisis: Twenty Years Later", The International Monetary System Under Flexible Exchange Rates: Global, Regional, and National, Essays in Honor of Robert Triffin, R.N. Cooper, P.B. Kenen, J.B. DeMacedo, J. Van Ypersele, eds., Cambridge:  Ballinger, 1982 

 18.     "The Theory of International Capital Movements", in International Capital Movements, John Black and John H. Dunning, eds., Byfleet, Surrey: Macmillan Publishers, 1982 

  19.     "Interest Payments on Commercial Bank Reserves to Control Euro-Money Markets", Reflections on a Troubled World Economy, Essays in Honour of Herbert Giersch, F. Machlup, G. Fels, H. Mueller-Groeling, editors, London: MacMillan, 1983 

   20.     "The Costs of Canada's Social Insurance Programs", in Probing Leviathan:  An Investigation of Government in the Economy, G. Lermer, ed., Vancouver:  The Fraser Institute, 1984 

  21.     "The Economics of the Brain Drain", International Encyclopaedia of Education, Oxford: Pergamon Press, 1984   

  22.     "Reassessing the Cost of Social Insurance Programs", Reassessing the Role of Government in the Mixed Economy, Herbert Giersch, editor, Tuebingen:  I.C.B. Mohr, 1983 

 23.     "The Impact of the Tax System ‑ Federal Republic of Germany" Comment, in Taxation:  An International Perspective, Walter Block and Michael Walker, editors, Vancouver: Fraser Institute 1984 

 24.     "Free Economic Zones in Economic Development", in New Opportunities for Entrepreneurship, Herbert Giersch, editor, Tuebingen: I.C.B. Mohr, 1984 

 25.     "Is There an Important Role for an International Reserve Asset such as the SDR? ‑ Comment", in International Money and Credit: The Policy Roles, George v. Furstenberg, editor, Washington: International Monetary Fund, 1983 

 26.     "Trade in Financial Services:  Its Nature, Causes, Growth Prospects and Social Effects: in A. Tan and B. Kapur, editors, Pacific Growth and Financial Interdependence, Sydney:  Allen and Unwin, 1986

 27.     "Government Deposit Insurance, Moral Hazard and the International Debt Crisis", in The International Debt Problem:  Lessons for the Future, H. Giersch, editor, Tuebingen, Mohr, 1986

 28.     "Free Economic Zones and GATT, in Issues in World Trade Policy:  GATT at the Crossroads, R. Snape, editor, London:  MacMillan, 1986

 29.     "The Economics of the Brain Drain", Chapter 35 in Economics of Education: Research and Studies, G. Psacharapolous, editor, Oxford: Pergammon Press, 1986

 30.     “The Evolving International Monetary System: Past Plans and Optimality", in The Reconstruction of International Monetary Arrangements, R. Z. Aliber, editor, London:  The MacMillan Press, 1987

 31.     "Singapore's Record of Price Stability 1966-84", Chapter 17 in K. S. Sandhu and P. Wheatley, editors, Management of Success:  The Moulding of Modern Singapore, Singapore:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1989, pp 373-98

 32.     "International Investment", in The New Palgrave:  A Dictionary of Economics, London:  MacMillan 1987

 33.     "The Service Sector and Canadian Economic Growth:  Myths and Realities", The Fraser Forum, Special Issue devoted to the Harold Siebens Lecture, 1987, 22 pages

 34.     "Direct and Embodied Trade in Services", in Trade and Investment in Services in the Asia-Pacific Region:  An Emerging Issue, Chung Lee and Seiji Naya, editors, Colorado:  Westview Press, 1988

 35.     "Does the World Need a GATT for Services?" in New Institutional Arrangements for the World Economy, H.J. Vosgerau, editor, New York:  Springer Verlag, 1988

 36.     "Some Comments About the New Trade Theory and the Presumptive Non-Optimality of Free Trade", North American Review of Economics and Finance, 1,1,1988

 37.     "Modern Service Sector Growth: Causes and Effects", in Services in World Economic Growth, H. Giersch, editor, Tuebingen: Mohr, 1989

 38.     "Issues in Free Trade in Services between Canada and the United States" in D. Greenaway, T. Hyclak and R. Thornton, editors, Economic Aspects of Regional Trading Arrangements, New York:  Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1989

 39.     Liberalization of Trade in Services:  A Taxonomy and Discussion of Issues, Singapore:  Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1989

 40.     “Educational Reforms are Necessary but not Sufficient”, in David Colander and Reuven Brenner, editors, Educating Economists, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1992, 249-62

 41.     “The Economics of International Labor and Capital Flows”, in Economic Aspects of International Migration, H. Giersch, editor, Berlin: Springer, 1994

 42.     “Canada’s Fiscal Imbalances: History and Options for the Future”, Chapter in How to Use the Fiscal Surplus: What is the Optimum Size of Government, Vancouver, the Fraser Institute, 1998 (H.  Grubel, ed.)

 43.     “Optimal Levels of Spending and Taxation in Canada” Johnny Chao, co-author, chapter in How to Use the Fiscal Surplus: What is the Optimum Size of Government, Vancouver, the Fraser Institute, 1998 (H.  Grubel, ed.) 

44. “What is wrong with Equalization: Social Insurance and Moral Hazard”, Paper presented at the Montreal Conference on Regional Equalization, October 24, 2001, sponsored by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies and the Montreal Economic Institute, found at www.aims.ca/aimslibrary/grubel

 45.     “Intra-Industry Trade in Assets”, Frontiers of Research in Intra-Industry Trade, P.J. Lloyd and Hyun-Hoon Lee, editors, London: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2002, 273-290 

  46.     “Towards a North American Monetary Union”, in Thomas Courchene, editor, Money, Markets, and Mobility, Celebrating the Ideas of Robert Mundell, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, Kingston: Queen’s University Press, 2002, 245-52

  47.     “Limits to the Power of the People” in Gordon Gibson, editor, Fixing Canadian Democracy, Vancouver: The Fraser Institute, 2003, 181-200

  48.     “The Merit of a North American Monetary Union”, in Domick Salvatore, James Dean and Thomas Willett, editors, The Dollarization Debate, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003, 318-340

  49.     “The Merit of Hard Currency Fixes and Argentina’s Experience with a Currency Board”, Exchange Rates, Economic Integration and the International Economy, Leo Michelis and Mark Lovewell, editors, Toronto: APF Press, Studies in Economic Transformation and Public Policy, 2004, 49-62

  50.     “New Criteria for Optimum Currency Areas”, in Trade Policy Reforms and Development: Essays in Honour or Peter Lloyd, Volume II, Sisiar Jayasuriya, editor, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2005, 180-203

  51.     “Benefits from an Asian Monetary Union and other Hard Currency Fixes”, in Collection of the Papers of Shanghai Forum 2005, Finance, Wu Jingping, editor in Chief, Shanghai Forum, 2006, pp. 225-39

  52.  "The Economics of Monetary Unions: Traditional and New", in Regional Economic Integration, Michele Fratianni, editor, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2006, pp. 55-77


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