Herbert Grubel

A Professor in Parliament:  Experiencing a Turbulent Parliament and Reform Party Caucus, 1993-97”


This book presents an autobiographical account of Herb Grubel’s life, with special emphasis on his experience teaching at some of the leading universities in North America, having some of the most distinguished economists as his teachers and colleagues and experiencing the rise and decline of the Keynesian paradigm in macro-economics.  The largest part of the book is dedicated to an account of his experience as an elected member of Canada's federal parliament in Ottawa 1993 to 1997, serving as his party's Finance Critic for 2 years.

(The color of this page is the same as that used by the Reform Party during the election campaign.)

Here is what some reviewers of the book had to say about it: 

“Ottawa’s politically incorrect professor…if you are an economist or a political and policy junkie, it’s a must read.”

William Watson, Financial Post, June 2000


“The book is part autobiography, part impressively jargon free primer on economics, part history of economics fashion, and only two-thirds about his political experience.  I think the latter will stand the test of time as a valuable insight into Reform’s workings and personalities…it will ‘have legs’ for years for its historic insights.”
Trevor Lautens, North Shore News, July 7, 2000.


“A Professor in Parliament provides the most intelligent, honest and fair account I’ve read on behaviour, attitudes and roles in our parliamentary parties.”
Douglas Fisher, Toronto Sun, June 25, 2000


The book has 297 pages and is for sale at Amazon and Chapters online or directly from the distributor books@gordonsoules.com or by contacting the author.  The price is Can$19.95 plus $5 for shipping and handling.

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