Professor Robert A. Hackett, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
Robert A. Hackett
Ph.D. Political Studies, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
Political communication; Media studies; News analysis

Prof. Hackett has taught in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University since 1984. From 1993 to 2003, he co-directed NewsWatch Canada, a news media monitoring project based at SFU. Prof. Hackett is on the editorial board of Journalism Studies. He has conducted numerous media interviews and public talks, written policy briefs, and has helped to found several community-based media action and education initiatives, including Vancouver's annual Media Democracy Day.

He has written and co-authored numerous papers and chapters on media and politics, as well as several books, including:

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His research interests have included media activism, democratic press and broadcasting reform, journalism studies, news as ideological discourse, media monitoring, media and social movements, war and media.

Dr. Hackett can be reached most readily by voice-mail at (778)782-3863.

Other options are regular post:
c/o School of Communication, Simon Fraser University,
8888 University Drive,
Burnaby, BC
V5A 1S6 Canada

and email:

NOTE: Dr. Hackett is frequently away from the office and his e-mail may be unread for varying time periods.



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