Dr. Andy Hoffer

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Dr. Andy Hoffer - Selected Publications

US patent 8,571,662 Transvascular Nerve Stimulation Apparatus and Methods  Hoffer 29 Oct 2013

Estimation of nerve dimensions from MRI of the human thigh (IFESS 2008)

Biomechanical energy harvesting (Science 2008)

Selective control of leg muscle activation patterns and ankle forces using a multi-chambered stimulation cuff implanted on the sciatic nerve (IFESS 2007)

Feasibility of using implanted neurosensors to monitor displacement of the center-of-pressure during postural sway in paraplegic subjects (IFESS 2006)

Neurostep pilot feasibility study results (IFESS 2005)

Quantitative imaging of peripheral nerves (ICORD 2005 poster)