Michael Howlett
Political Science Course Information

The program in political science at Simon Fraser University offers instruction on many topics. Actual course offerings and timetables vary from semester to semester.

Additional information on the Undergraduate program.
More information on the Graduate program.
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Undergraduate Course Information

97-3 POL 359-3 Democracy and the Policy Process

98-3 POL 355-3 Governing Instruments

99-1 POL 251-3 Introduction to Public Administration

         POL 459-4 Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy

99-3 POL 351-3 The Public Policy Process

00-1 POL 329-3 Provincial Political Economies

00-3 POL 251-3 Introduction to Canadian Public Administration

01-1 POL 351 The Public Policy Process

         POL 355 Governing Instruments

05-3 POL 355 Governing Instruments

06-3 POL 355 Governing Instruments

07-1 POL 451 Policy Analysis

08-2 POL 451/851 Public Policy Analysis

12-1 POL 456/853 Governing Instruments


Graduate Course Information

00-1 POL 853 Public Administration

02-3 POL 851Public Policy Process

03-3 POL 851Public Policy Process

04-3 POL 851Public Policy Process

05-1 POL 851Public Policy Process

         POL 893 Directed Reading

09-1 POL 851Public Policy Process

09-3 NUS

         PP5111Introduction to Public Policy and Analysis

         PP6702 Foundations of Public Policy: Theories & Methods

10-1 NUS

         PP6703Advanced Public Administration and Management

11-1 Pol 851Public Policy Analysis

11-2 Pol 853Public Administration

12-2 Pol 851Public Policy Analysis

13-1 NUS

         PP6702 Foundations of Public Policy: Theories & Methods

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