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Fwd: [cmath] An ad for a Teaching Postdoctoral Position at Queen's University

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From: Ivan Dimitrov <dimitrov@mast.queensu.ca>
Date: February 23, 2011 11:45:29 AM PST
Subject: [cmath] An ad for a Teaching Postdoctoral Position at Queen's University


I would like the send the following advertisement through CMath.


Ivan Dimitrov,

Associate Head
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Queen's University


Teaching Postdoctoral Positions

Pending budget approval, applications are invited for two two-year teaching postdoctoral positions beginning July 1, 2011. Duties consist of teaching two one-semester courses per semester for a total of four courses per year and conducting research. Salary will be commensurate with rank and qualifications.

The successful candidate should have demonstrated teaching credentials and a research program in one of the existing areas of strength of the Department. In pure math and statistics these include algebraic geometry, number theory, representation theory, invariant theory, dynamical systems, free probability, theoretical and applied statistics, and mathematical physics. In applied math these include information theory, coding theory, control theory, and mathematical biology.

Further details on the departmental research profile can be found at the department's web pagehttp://www.mast.queensu.ca/graduate/faculty.php listing faculty by research area.

Applicants should submit a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, an AMS cover sheet, a teaching statement, a research statement, and have at least four letters of recommendation (at least one of which addresses teaching). All applications should be submitted through www.MathJobs.org. All applications received by March 7, 2011 will be given full consideration.

For more information about the position or about Queen's university, please see the departmental web page athttp://www.mast.queensu.ca.