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Fwd: Job postings

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From: "Tracy Wolfe" <twolfe@zingaro.com>
Date: April 26, 2010 11:36:42 AM PDT
Subject: Job postings

Dr. Lockhart,
I received your name from Dr. Stella Karuri who is currently completing a fellowship at the NIH in Bethesda MD.  I am working on several statistical positions and wanted to know if you would be able to post the jobs to your “Stat-jobs” user group located at: www.stat.sfu.ca 
The positions are located in Rochester, NY and the link to each job can be accessed below.  I look forward to your favorable response and assistance in this matter.
  Open positions:
Director of Biostatistics
Principal Biostatistician
Senior Statistician
Senior Biostatistician

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