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Analytics consultant

Please reply directly if interested. Carl .

Dear Professor Schwartz

I was given your email by a friend of mine who works in the business
school at SFU (Nilesh Saraf) who suggested that you might be able to
help me. I am a Director of Analytics for KnowledgeBase Marketing, a
database marketing company based in Texas, but with an office up here
in Vancouver. We are looking to fill a junior analyst (analytics
consultant) position in our Vancouver office, preferably with someone
who has graduated or is expecting to graduate a Master’s course in
Statistics, Economics or similar. The attached job description gives
some more detail.

I would be very grateful if you could pass this along to any of your
Master’s students past or present, that you think would be interested
in this position. If you can think of other suitable candidates or
people that could help me in my search then I would welcome that too.

I apologise in advance for not responding to emails quickly this week
– I am at a conference -  but I look forward to hearing from you.


Richard J. Bolton, PhD
Associate Director, Business and Analytical Strategy

(604) 692-2145 Direct
(778) 859-5127 Cell
(604) 662-7545 Fax

Upcoming OOO: Mon 12th - Wed 14th April (Conference)
Upcoming PTO: Monday 10th May
Member of the Y&R and WPP Groups.
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<Analytics Consultant I Vancouver.pdf>