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Fwd: [d-ssc] NSERC Visiting Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratories

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From: Sabit Cakmak <Sabit.Cakmak@hc-sc.gc.ca>
Date: September 9, 2010 2:06:49 PM PDT
Subject: [d-ssc] NSERC Visiting Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratories

The Population Studies Division at Health Canada is seeking an NSERC
Visiting Fellow to conduct statistical analysis investigating the impact of
various air pollutants on health outcomes and the role of socioeconomic
factors in modifying these effects. The successful candidate will have
strong skills in statistical analysis, knowledge of R or SAS and experience
with statistical modeling and fuzzy cluster analysis.

If you are interested in this position and are qualified to apply for an
NSERC Visiting Fellowship or are already in Health Canada’s approved
Visiting Fellows database, contact Dr. Cakmak at Sabit.Cakmak@hc-sc.gc.ca.

More information about the NSERC visiting fellowships is available from:
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