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Vacancy - Biometrician with Fish Wildlife Service in Arcata, CA

This is our announcement to recruit for the biomatrician position
which will, in part, support the Trinity program. We would appreciate
you forwarding to any of your colleagues who may be interested or who
would know of someone interested. Thanks

Nancy Finley
Field Supervisor
Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
707-825-5100 (direct)
707-845-5944 (cell)

Link to announcements FYI -


You will not be able to access the announcement after closing. You may
want to print and keep the complete announcement(s) to refer to when
you are later reviewing/evaluating referred applicants. To print -
click on the link to open the announcement and print; to print the
Questionnaire scroll down below the KSA’s ("How You Will Be
Evaluated") and click on “View Assessments Questions” (or under "How
to Apply, click “Occupational Questionnaire”) and print.

PS - there are 6 entries on the website for this job, that's because
of the multiple series.

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