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Fwd: [d-ssc] Employment opportunity at Microsoft

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From: David Matthews <dematthe@math.uwaterloo.ca>
Date: July 13, 2010 11:03:10 AM PDT
Subject: [d-ssc] Employment opportunity at Microsoft

Here is an employment opportunity at Microsoft that recently came to my

The Windows Telemetry team enables Windows, Microsoft, and the Microsoft
ecosystem to build better products and increase customer satisfaction and
loyalty through telemetric insights about their users, customers and
business. Our charter includes the reporting of crashes (WER/Watson), blue
screens (OCA) and usage (WEX Telemetry/ClickStream) as well as the systems
that activate and monitor for genuine software installations (AVS). We are
building a next-generation system that consumes, cleanses, processes and
reports data from our various technologies to contribute significantly to
Microsoft customers' experience, while redefining how software is developed
through data driven design.

We are seeking a seasoned Program Manager to help transition our existing
computing platforms to a new compute environment for our next-generation
systems. Responsibilities include:

Enable the success of the new Telemetry data platform by building a scalable
web services platform to handle, cleanse, and process billions of requests
per day;

Provide statistical analysis and leadership for data sampling, filtering,
and retention for the critical systems used throughout Microsoft to build
world class products;

Enable insights into the health of the new Telemetry data platform through
data analysis and consolidated and historical reporting;

Identify and prioritize Customer, Feature Team, and Product Planning
requirements and establish effective cross-team collaboration channels;

Design and implement customer best-of-breed compute systems in conjunction
with the development and test teams;

Analyze and determine specific product features and improvement
opportunities and evangelize results to the various feature teams;

Drive for the necessary instrumentation needed to collect usage and
performance information, reporting to make the data more easily consumable,
and integration with additional data sources within Windows.

Prerequisites include:

3+ years in software/services product team with prior PM experience;

Use of statistical analysis across large data warehouses to optimize between
data volume and statistical relevance of data;

A degree in CS, EE, Math or equivalent work experience;

Ability to communicate and influence at all levels of the organization;

Excellent organizational, interpersonal and written and verbal communication
skills required;

Passion for the customer and their requirements;

Self-motivated and result-oriented;

Demonstrated ability to effectively collaborate across multiple feature
teams and disciplines;

Demonstrated project management, planning, design, and implementation

3+ years experience with n-tier relational/transactional database and
middleware development w/data center hosting is desired;

Experience with customer feedback mechanisms such as SQM, Watson, TAP,
Strategic Design Reviews, Customer Panels, etc. is a plus.

Telemetry is at the core of service-based software; come join Windows
Telemetry and help make data driven design a reality.

Individuals interested in this employment possibility should contact Cameron
Turner via cameront@microsoft.com to obtain more information, or to submit a

David E. Matthews,
Professor and Chair
Statistics & Actuarial Science
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1
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