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Fwd: [Stats] Statistics Teaching Position at Camosun

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From: "Peggy Tilley" <Tilley@camosun.bc.ca>
Date: April 7, 2011 4:16:21 PM PDT
Subject: [Stats] Statistics Teaching Position at Camosun

My first effort  to send this  bounced back because I used an old address for the statistics list serve. Here is my second and hopefully last attempt!
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Subject: [BCcupms] Statistics Teaching Position at Camosun
We have just posted for a fulltime 8 month statistics teaching position starting August 30, 2011.  The closing date for the competition is Monday April 21.   http://camosun.ca/about/careers/_documents/april/y11-10-instructor-statistics.pdf
Could you please help us advertise this position by circulating this email within your department and perhaps posting on any relevant boards.
Thanks very much.
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