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Fwd: Quantitative Ecologist position for NPS in Anchorage, AK - open for 4 weeks -thru June 10th

Please respond directly if interested. Carl

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From:  <Michael_Shephard@nps.gov>
Date: Mon, May 16, 2011 at 18:30
Subject: Quantitative Ecologist position for NPS in Anchorage, AK -
open for 4 weeks -thru June 10th
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      Please distribute!!    Many Thanks!
The Southwest Alaska Inventory & Monitoring Network (SWAN) is advertising a
quantitative ecologist position..  The SWAN program is located in the
National Park Service Regional office in Anchorage, Alaska.

This position serves as Biometrician for the NPS-Southwest Alaska Network
ecological long-term Inventory & Monitoring (I&M) program. Provides
professional guidance and statistical oversight in the design and
implementation of monitoring protocols, and assists I&M resource
specialists with the analysis and reporting of complex field data sets
(wildlife, fish, plant etc) for trend detection. Ensures that sampling
designs meet study objectives, are statistically valid and cost effective,
and provide interpretations valuable to park managers and/or to the greater
scientific community. Uses advanced statistical models (e.g., Bayesian
hierarchical models, generalized linear models, occupancy models, etc.) to
analyze temporally and/or spatially correlated data sets; to estimate
trends, covariate effects and associated parameters; and to conduct
diagnostic assessment of model assumptions. Uses computationally-intensive
methods (e.g., bootstrap resampling, Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations)
for parameter estimation and measures of uncertainty. Provides technical
expertise and assistance in the fields of population dynamics, habitat
dynamics, population estimation, detection probability, distance sampling,
spatial statistics, and/or ecosystem modeling. Uses Structured Decision
Making tools (e.g., Bayesian networks) to evaluate alternative management
actions associated with ecological indicators. Applies statistical concepts
and innovative techniques to the evaluation and resolution of wildlife,
fish, plant, and habitat resource questions. Collaborates with Network
Coordinators, I&M resource specialists, and park natural resources field
staff on the preparation of project proposals, reports, and publications.
Reviews reports, conducts training workshops, and represents the Alaska I&M
Program on regional, national or international workgroups or committees.



Thank You, Michael

Michael Shephard
Program Manager
Southwest Alaska Inventory & Monitoring Network
National Park Service
240 W. 5th Avenue, Anch. AK 99501
Phone: 907-644-3681      Fax 644-3809