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Contract to do some logistic regression (in SAS)?

I'm looking for a student to help on a "contract"  as part of an
Engage Grant. I likely will need about 5-10 hours per week (preferably
spread over several days rather than in one block) between now and
Christmas. $25/hour.

- knowledge of logistic regression
- knowledge of SAS (the datasets are several MILLION records long and
it is not feasible to do the analyses in R/JMP)
  You will need more than just a rudimentary knowledge of SAS as data
cleaning, reorganizing, etc is also done.

We have a preliminary program that does the data screening and some
first cuts of the analysis. We need to modify the program to match the
new dataset(s) arriving from the client, selecting new variables to
include in the logistic regression, and modifying the "scenarios" that
select subsets of the data.

Please send me a cv if you are interested.

Carl Schwarz