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Fwd: [BCcupms] opportunities in statistics at UFV

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From: Greg Schlitt <Greg.Schlitt@ufv.ca>
Subject: [BCcupms] opportunities in statistics at UFV
Date: 4 October, 2011 12:34:25 PM PDT

Hi all. Here at UFV will have some good opportunities for temporary statistics instructors in the Winter ’12 semester, and possibly beyond.
In particular, we have a half-time position in our Math and Statistics Centre (a drop-in tutorial centre) , supporting students in introductory statistics courses (and first-year mathematics courses more generally.) The compensation for this position would be on the order of $34/hr.
There are also a number of sections of first-year introductory statistics available. Teaching some of these could be combined with the Math Centre position.
We need someone who can communicate very effectively and clearly (and compassionately) with students learning intro-level statistics. These students are mostly from other departments (Business, Sociology etc.) and can be mathematically  weak.
These positions are temporary ones, but the demand on our statistics courses is only increasing, so opportunity is likely to continue in subsequent years. There may also  be some full-time retirements in the near future.
If you know of someone who might be suitable, can you pass along this information, or post it publicly?
The official ad and application process can be found athttp://www.ufv.ca/es/Career_Opportunities/Faculty_Opportunities.htm under “Sessional Faculty”
Thanks, Greg Schlitt
Head, Math & Statistics, UFV
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