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Fwd: Biostatistician Opportunity

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From: info@tkconsulting.ca
To: raltman@stat.sfu.ca
Sent: Thursday, February 2, 2012 1:04:54 PM
Subject: Biostatistician Opportunity 

Hi Rachel, 

I left a brief message on your service earlier today. Below are details of the opportunity for your review and consideration.In the event this may be of interest to you (or a qualified friend/colleague) please forward an updated Word Document résumé and an appropriate time in which to call. I look forward to your reply and discussing your career objectives at your earliest convenience. 


Paul Mucha 
Senior Recruitment Consultant 
416 985 8808 

Responsibilities : 

· Support project managers by providing statistical consulting, including advice on study design, data collection, and sample size calculations. 

· Perform database management. 

· Perform statistical analyses for projects. 

· Provide consultation of statistical analyses and results to clients, stakeholders and government agencies. 

· Prepare documentation on statistical analyses, interpretation and discussion of researched results. 

· Other duties as assigned. 

Competencies : 

· Strong analytical and problem solving skills (analyze a case or situation and recommending solution(s)). 

· Demonstrated competency with parametric and nonparametric statistical analyses of data. 

· Experience with multivariate statistical procedures. 

· Ability to design monitoring programs based on statistical principles and constraints posed by real-world situations. 

· Have excellent communication skills (verbal and written – technical or scientific writing) 

· Excellent computing skills with statistical software packages (e.g., Systat, Splus, R) and MS Office. 

· Strong organizational and time management skills to work on a variety of projects. 

· Experience in developing statistical models using data collected in the field. 

Education / Experience : 

· Must have a M.Sc. or higher degree in statistics or biostatistics. 

· Minimum 3 years experience or combination of experience/education. 

· Have experience operating in a dynamic consulting environment that requires flexibility and teamwork.