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After getting this I went on the web site, followed the link for guests and did a keyword search for statistics.  These 4 jobs are among the list that comes up.

Cheers, Richard

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From: "Fan, Steve" <Steve.Fan@bmo.com>
Subject: Re:
Date: 2 February, 2012 11:19:54 AM PST
To: "Huang, Lee" <Lee.Huang@bmo.com>

To Whom It May Concern,
BMO Bank of Montreal is seeking for quantitative analysts to join its Toronto office at First Canadian Place. We believe the four positions (Job ID: 94745, 94747, 94748 and 94753) are of great interest to the students/alumni in your department, and please forward this email to prospective candidates.
The incumbent will apply his/her analytic and quantitative skills to assess risks associated with uses of models in the area of enterprise-wide risk management. The incumbent will also assist senior team members in
  1. developing advance model risk measurement methodologies,
  2. identifying model risks in accordance to the established principles and standards, and
  3. conduting analysis and benchmarking to ensure understanding, acceptance and mitigation of model risks, and the corresponding roles and responsibilities inherited from such uses.
For candidates who are interested in these four positions, please apply for these position at the BMO career website (https://careers.bmogc.com/cws/seeker.html).
Thank you.
Steve Fan