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MedicReS Supports Editors & Scientists in Health Science: call for free membership

Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to be a member of MedicReS ,
http://www.medicres.org<http://www.medicres.org/>  MedicReS (Medical Research Support)  Membership is free. Medical researchers from all specialties, physicians, scientists, clinicians, surgeons, education professionals, editors, reviewers, medical publishers, pharmaceutical professionals, medical software developers,
biostatisticians, epidemiologists, ethical board members, veterinarians,
biologists can apply to be a member of MedicReS

We will be glad to see you as MedicReS Member and to be a member please use
this link

Membership : http://www.medicres.com/?islem=5&list=13

Opportunities of MedicReS Membership are;

1) Free Subscription & Access to MedicReS Publications and Previous
Congress Proceedings : Abstract Books and Documents

2) Advantageous Registration and Free Courses in the MedicReS World
Congress 2012. The World Congress includes; three International Conferences (Good Biostatistics Practice - Good Bioethical Practice - Good Publication Practice),
and an International Symposium on Developmental Medicine, with main and sub-sessions, disease based editorial sessions, mini courses and sector sessions.

Congress Program Summary

* HALL1 Global Sessions on Good Medical Research: Global Perspective:
The Circe of 'Outcome -Education - Research- Evidence- Policy-
Implementation -Global Health'
* HALL2 Methodological Sessions on Good Medical Research Methodological
Perspective for All Scientists
* HALL3 Good Biostatistical Practice (GBP) Sessions for Biostatisticians &
* HALL4 & HALL5 Good Publication Practice (GPP)Sessions: Disease Based
Editorial Sessions for Editors & Publishers
* HALL6 Mini Courses for Clinical Investigators
* HALL7 Developmental Medicine (DM) Sessions
* HALL8 Research Based Sector Sessions for Sector Professionals

New methods about good teaching planning, analyzing, reporting, reviewing
and publishing will be discussed. You can find all the details at the
congress website http://www.ic2012.medicres.org/

If you would like to join the Congress with special offer *** 265 € *** ( With poster and oral presentation ) until 29th of February. Please send your presentation proposal and complete your registration at the link below.

Congress Registration for members with presentation : http://ic2012.medicres.org/?islem=5&list=48

3) Receiving Free Statistical Consultation from Medical Statistics and
Consultancy Services (MeStACon) http://www.mestacon.info<http://www.mestacon.info/> for your first
consultancy session as a Member of MedicReS

Thank you for your kind interest.
Please, forward this email to potentially interested people and e-mail

Kind Regards

Prof. Emine Arzu KANIK, PhD.
Visiting Professor
Harvard Medical School, Boston MA

Head of Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Director of Vocational High School of Health Services

Scientific Coordinator of MedicReS
Medical Research Support
Vienna, Austria



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