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Fwd: [d-ssc] Biostatistics Faculty Position - Switzerland

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From: Edward Susko <susko@mathstat.dal.ca>
Date: 10 February, 2012 12:17:22 PM PST
To: d-ssc@ssc.ca
Subject: [d-ssc] Biostatistics Faculty Position - Switzerland

Professor of Biostatistics
University Hospital of Lausanne (http://www.chuv.ch/)

The person recruited will develop statistical methods for medicine and biology as well as participate in their implementation, in close collaboration with statisticians and with other public health professionals of the Institute, as well as with clinicians and researchers on the Lausanne campus. He/she will undertake pre- and post-graduate teaching duties. The position includes teaching and research in an excellent research environment including interactions with SIB (http://www.isb-sib.ch/groups/lausanne.html) and EPFL (http://statwww.epfl.ch/)

Candidates will have acquired training and experience in teaching and research in statistics applied to clinical and population-based medicine. They will have experience working simultaneously with several research groups, including in biology. Good knowledge of French or the ability to acquire it rapidly is necessary. Experience with genomic data (such as genome-wide association studies) would be a plus.

New applications need to be submitted soon (February 15). Interested people should contact Jerome Goudet <Jerome.Goudet@unil.ch> or Marc Robinson-Rechavi <marc.robinson-rechavi@unil.ch>

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