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Fwd: [BCcupms] Part-time position in Math & Stats

Fabian has looked up details for us -- thanks to him!

Cheers, Richard

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Date: 29 March, 2012 11:44:58 AM PDT
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Hi Richard, the previous email from Capilano wasn't very helpful because it just included a general link to Capilano's job board. I searched for the actual position and I am attaching the PDF from Capilano with the specific requirements.



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Subject: [BCcupms] Part-time position in Math & Stats

Hi Everyone,

Would you please circulate this information:

Capilano University in North Vancouver is currently searching for a Statistician to fill an RPT-4 teaching position in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, commencing Aug 1, 2012.

This position requires a Master's degree (PhD preferred) in Statistics plus successful teaching experience at the Post-Secondary level.

More details on this posting can be found at our website http://www2.capilanou.ca/services/career.html



Chris Morgan, PhD

Coordinator, Math & Stat Dept
Capilano University
Tel: 604-986-1911, Local 2449
E-mail: cmorgan@capilanou.ca

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