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Fwd: Lecturer position at the University of Texas at El Paso

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From: Mathematical Sciences <mathdept@math.utep.edu>
Subject: Lecturer position at the University of Texas at El Paso
Date: 12 April, 2012 10:56:27 AM PDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Texas at El
Paso (UTEP) is recruiting to fill a full-time lecturer position starting
in  Fall 2012.

The official announcement is pasted below and is also available as one of the first entries in the
UTEP Employment webpage:


Please help us by distributing this information widely so as to increase
our chances of reaching any interested parties.

Thank you very much!

Dr. Joan G. Staniswalis
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Texas at El Paso

JobID: 775
College: Science
Department: Mathematical Sciences
Job Title: Lecturer
Date Posted: 4/9/2012

Application Procedure:

Send Curriculum Vitae and transcript, and arrange for three letters of
reference to be sent to the address below. A cover letter should summarize:

(1) Development or updating of teaching skills, such as participation in
teaching workshops or conferences, innovative use of techology in the
classroom, or experience in using student peer reviews;
(2) Personal classroom teaching style, or use of class time;
(3) Experience with facilitating students group projects as part of the
course curriculum.
Send all materials to:

Lecturer Search Committee
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Texas at El Paso
500 W. University Ave
El Paso, TX 79968-0514
Email: lecturersearch@math.utep.edu<mailto:lecturersearch@math.utep.edu>

*POSITION DESCRIPTION:*  The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the
University of Texas at El Paso seeks to fill one full-time lecturer
position beginning Fall 2012.  This non-tenure-track position carries a
9-month salary of $43,800 for a teaching load of fifteen credits hours
each semester with the primary duty of reaching freshmen and sophomore
level Mathematics and (especially) Statistics courses.  Good
communication skills and excellent in teaching are essential.
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

*REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:*    The minimum qualifications for the
position consist of a Master's degree in a field and at least 18
graduate semester hours in Mathematics; a Master's of PhD degree in
Mathematics. Statistics or related field is preferred.