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Subject: [d-ssc] Position at McMaster

Position: Statistical Analyst/Programmer 

Population Health Research Institute 

Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation 

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario 


We conduct some of the largest multicentre international Clinical Trials and Epidemiologic studies in the world in the areas of treatment and prevention of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes 

The PHRI Group: 

v Internationally recognized group 

v Approximately 300 Health Research Workers 

v Design, conduct & analysis of large Clinical Trials and Epidemiology studies 

v Specialization of Genetic Biostatistics for Large Cohort Studies 

v Studies conducted in 87 countries 

v Group involves Medical Scientists, Other Health Scientists, Statisticians, Computer Programmers, Laboratory technicians/scientists, Support Staff 

v Provide training for outside researchers from within Canada and other countries 

Funding: Both Peer Review and Industry Sources 

Work Environment: 

v Academic environment with involvement in Industry 

v Opportunity to participate in publications in Leading Journals 

v Group publishes approximately 200 papers annually 

v Interactions with McMaster University faculty as well as leading institutions in many countries 

v Interacts with major pharmaceutical companies, international regulatory agencies, & scientists in multiple countries 


v Position of responsibility working in a team environment on large scale, scientifically important studies 

v Support to travel to scientific/statistical meetings & courses 

v Travel to project meetings 

v Encouragement to develop methodologic interests and publish 

Statistical Analyst Programmer 

Department of Medicine, McMaster University 

A statistical analyst programmer will be responsible for the creation, maintenance and statistical analysis of large databases from population-based studies and clinical trials. 

Duties include: Integrating, maintaining, and analyzing large databases using common statistical and database packages (SAS, R, Stata, etc.); preparing and presenting statistical reports based on these analyses; providing statistical support in the planning of new studies; working successfully in a team environment with clinicians, statisticians, programmers, and others; and participating in related university educational programs. A Masters or PhD in Biostatistics or related field is required. Strong applied statistical and computing skills in a UNIX environment and previous experience with large databases in biomedical or related field is essential. Strong communication skills (both written and oral) are required. 

Please forward all applications and questions via e-mail directly to Janice Pogue ( janice.pogue@phri.ca ). 

Janice Pogue , MA, MSc, PhD 

Director, Statistics – Population Health Research Institute 

Assistant Professor – McMaster University – Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics 

HHS-David Braley Cardiac, Vascular and Stroke Research Institute 

Hamilton General Hospital Campus 

237 Barton Street East, Rm C2-210 

Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 2X2 

Tel: 905-527-4322 ext. 40340 Fax: 905-297-3784 

Email: Janice.Pogue@phri.ca 

This information is directed in confidence solely to the person named above and may not otherwise be distributed, copied or disclosed. Therefore, this information should be considered strictly confidential. If you have received this email in error, please notify the sender immediately via a return email for further direction. Thank you for your assistance. 

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