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Fwd: Vancouver Data Analyst Position

This is an interesting opportunity!  Thanks to Luke for sending it along.

Cheers, Richard

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From: Luke Bornn <bornn@stat.harvard.edu>
Date: 13 September, 2012 2:55:33 PM PDT
To: lockhart@sfu.ca
Subject: Fwd: Vancouver Data Analyst Position

Hi Richard,

I hope you're doing well.  

I think this job posting may be of interest to some of your students.  Data/stats jobs in Vancouver aren't all that common, particularly with startups and other high-tech companies.  If you think it's worthwhile, please forward on to your students.

Best regards,


Hi Everyone,

Indochino, a custom suit company I've been doing some work with has just posted (not even on their website yet!) a position for a data analyst in their Vancouver office.  Minimum requirement is a bachelor's degree in stats/CS/math/econ, but a Masters would be an asset.  It's a good chance to work with a young and quickly growing company.  In particular, if you have interests in business and some experience scripting or using SQL, definitely take a look.


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