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Fwd: [BCcupms] Statistics position at Camosun

Dear All:

Camosun is in Victoria and this is a good teaching opportunity -- not advertised yet but a good opportunity it looks to me.  Peggy tells me she will send me more information when it becomes official.  Susan Chen, who used to be in our department, is there.  

Cheers, Richard

Richard Lockhart,  Chair

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From: Peggy Tilley <Tilley@camosun.bc.ca>
Subject: [BCcupms] Statistics position at Camosun
Date: 10 April, 2013 5:52:49 PM PDT

Before this list serve dies, I want to let everyone know that we expect to have an ongoing 100% statistics position available starting this Sept 2013.   Our posting is slowly winding its way through our internal system and we hope to have it up next week.  I normally wouldn’t jump the gun, but want to make sure that everyone knows.   
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