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Employment Vacancy From Eco

The EcoLife Company is one of the largest cleansing facility dealers in the world. Every year we go out to the markets of different countries, keep and study the demand and sales-market in every new country. As a result of our move to the market of United State , Canada and Greece we are having temporary employee recruitment for the position of a financial manager,cleaners sales representative and others. It is required for you to be: Honest and executive. Provide the information Below if you are interested in this offer Full Name: Phone Number: Address: position: State: Country of residence: The fact that You need no specialized knowledge or some sort of financial investment is sure an indisputable bonus of our partnership. The job we are offering to You consists Acounting manager,cleaner,desk officer,House keeper etc.For accommodation Eco will provice you if you are outside United state,Canada and Greece the EcoLife Company. If You have any questions, please contact us via email: polly.simmers@yahoo.com The EcoLife Company is very grateful and thankful for Your attention to our offer. www monster com supplied us with your email at our desire because Your email address has been subscribed to the job-offer advertisements by You or someone else. Best wishes to You, Polly Simmers, EcoLife Company Administration.