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Redesign a 2nd-level stats course at SFU & BCIT

Please contact Doug Ransome directly if you are interested....

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From: Douglas Ransome <Doug_Ransome@bcit.ca>
> 2.      We would like to revamp our course and move away from ‘R’.  Our
> students have found the simultaneous learning curves for ‘R’ and
> biostats a little too steep.  I have heard from a number of folks
> (mostly fish folks) that your course is the best template for learning
> stats (mainly Marvin Rosenau (our fish guy) and Ken Ashley (our
> aquatic guy as well)).  Our course is taught by a contract instructor
> and we will be looking for someone to teach the course in September.
> Would you have a grad student familiar with teaching a course similar
> that detailed above, but based on your approach, and might be keen on
> teaching  it this fall?  \...