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Job at BC Cancer

See message below from one of our alumni, Radina Droumeva.



Hi Dr. Altman,

 I have a small request. There is a job opening in my lab at the BC Cancer Research Centre for a bioinformatician. This is a job which combines R programming, statistics, math and biology (no background necessary) to support cancer research. It is a great opportunity for a new graduate with a MSc. in Statistics, or even a strong BSc. If you know someone who is looking that you can personally recommend, I would really appreciate it. The job is not difficult but does require a lot of creative thinking, a lot of writing, clear communication skills and motivation. Anyone you believe is suitable can send their resume/CV directly to me and I can forward to my boss. My e-mail address is rdroumeva@bccrc.ca .

I will also be sending a similar request to Dr. JF Williams in the math department, as we are hoping to fill this position ASAP. Thank you for your help, I value your opinion!