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Fwd: [d-ssc] Position for a postdoctoral fellow in statistical methods for genomics/epigenetics

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Subject: [d-ssc] Position for a postdoctoral fellow in statistical methods for genomics/epigenetics

Postdoctoral Fellow 

Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, Montreal, QC, Canada 

& McGill University, Montreal, QC Canada 

An exciting opportunity exists for a Postdoctoral Fellow to work on statistical methods for the analysis of human genetic and genomic data; in particular methods for analysis of DNA methylation data derived from both arrays and bisulphite sequencing. This position involves the development of methods for identifying methylation patterns in different tissues and cell types, and optimizing the choice of genomic regions for targeted bisulphite sequencing. 

We have an active research group with interest in analytical methods for DNA methylation data. You will be able to interact with researchers, students and other postdoctoral fellows working in statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology both at the Lady Davis Institute and at McGill University. Local seminars and journal clubs within Montreal will provide excellent opportunities for enlarging your knowledge in other areas of high-throughput genetics, genomics and statistics. 

Qualifications: A recent PhD in Statistics, Biostatistics, Computer Science, Computational Biology, or a related field as long as the candidate has a strong foundation in theoretical statisticals. Sophisticated programming skills are essential. This should include not only R/S-Plus, but also knowledge of scripting tools such as perl or java, and computationally efficient coding through languages such as C and understanding of computational complexity. Experience and knowledge in human genetics would also be helpful. We are looking for a motivated individual with a desire to develop an independent research agenda. 

To apply, send a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, a statement outlining your research interests, and contact information for three referees to Dr. Celia Greenwood, Senior Scientist, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research. celia.greenwood@mcgill.ca . Applications will be considered until the position is filled. This position is funded by a CIHR operating grant. 


Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, Jewish General Hospital. 

Mailing address: H414, Clinical Epidemiology, Jewish General Hospital 

3755 Côte Ste. Catherine, Montréal, QC H3T 1E2 

Tel 514 340 8222 x8397. Fax 514 340 7564. 


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