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Statidtics Seminar - Kathryn Mills - Oct. 4th

Kathryn Mills

Canadian Border Services Agency

Ottawa, Ontario


All are Welcome to the Seminar and “Meet-the-Speaker”


Date:      October 4, 2013

Time:     1:30 p.m.

“Meet-the-Speaker” session directly after the talk

Room: ASB 10900

Light refreshments at 1:15 p.m. – IRMACS Lunch Room

No registration required


From Cryptography to Big Data: A Career Path in Government Now


Starting her full-time government career with a branch of the Department of National Defence, completing an international posting to a US Agency, and then transitioning to the Canada Border Services Agency, Kathryn has combined her Engineering and Statistics backgrounds to support national security and public safety.
She currently manages the Mathematics and Data Exploration Section at the Canada Border Services Agency.  The group is tasked with providing advanced mathematical and statistical analysis in support of securing our nation's borders.  From risk assessment to resource allocation and optimization, the Section handles a wide range of Agency analyses involving a variety of data.

Her career path began back in high school when applying to universities and deciding on Engineering versus Biology, a decision that was actually meant to leave doors open should she decide not to pursue a career in medicine.  It was further shaped by her undergraduate studies in Computer Systems Engineering, which she switched to Electrical Engineering, and her industry co-op placements which gave her glimpses into the real world of high-tech.  Her path was then molded by her graduate studies in Mathematics (Specialization in Probability and Statistics) and her government internship which showed her a different, yet equally exciting, world to that of high-tech and industry.  Each experience not only helped guide her in what she liked, but also in what she did not like doing and why.  Kathryn has designed software and electronic circuitry in products used by top telecommunications providers worldwide, performed statistical analyses on the Register of Electors and the Census, worked in the protection of electronic information and communication, graduated from a three-year specialized mathematics intern training program in the US, and currently manages a section tasked with providing advanced analysis in support of securing our nation’s borders. She looks forward to sharing her experiences and insights on a government career path now.

Kelly Jay
Chair Secretary
Statistics & Actuarial Science
Simon Fraser University