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Statistics & Actuarial Seminar - Rob Balshaw - Oct. 25

Rob Balshaw

BC Centre for Disease Control

Vancouver, BC


All are Welcome to the Seminar and “Meet-the-Speaker”


Date:      October 25, 2013

Time:     1:30 p.m.

“Meet-the-Speaker” session directly after the talk

Room: ASB 10900

Light refreshments at 1:15 p.m. – IRMACS Lunch Room

No registration required


Statistics at the BC CDC


The BC Centre for Disease Control is dedicated to preventing and controlling communicable disease and promoting environmental health for the province.  

As an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA), BCCDC supports PHSA’s three primary strategic directions: improving quality outcomes and providing better value for patients; promoting healthier populations; and, contributing to a sustainable health care system

Under this mandate, scientists and researchers collect and analyze a tremendous amount of data. We will discuss the role of the statistician as part of the team responsible for turning these complex data into actionable public health information. 

Ideas we will encounter include: disease surveillance, program evaluation, causal inference, mathematical modelling of disease outbreaks, monitoring patterns of antimicrobial resistance, and bioinformatic work with new strains of infectious diseases.

Kelly Jay
Chair Secretary
Statistics & Actuarial Science
Simon Fraser University