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Fwd: Biostatistician position, Calgary

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Subject: Biostatistician position, Calgary

Dear colleagues:

Please pass this opportunity along to anyone whom you think
might be interested in this temporary, full-time 1 year position
(maternity leave).

Applications only accepted here:


Karen Kopciuk

The Tomorrow Project is the largest research project ever undertaken in
Alberta. Based in Alberta Health Services, the Tomorrow Project aims to
increase knowledge about the causes of cancer. The Tomorrow Project in
Alberta has been operating since 2001, and in 2008 it joined with other
provinces to form the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project. This
pan-Canadian study will follow the health of thousands of people in
British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada for next
20-50 years.

In Alberta, the Tomorrow Project is aiming to recruit 50,000 people age
35-69, who have not had a diagnosis of cancer. Participants will complete
a questionnaire about their health, diet and lifestyle and be invited to
visit one of our Study Centres. The Statistical Associate works as part of
a research team and provides statistical support primarily through data
analysis for research activities carried out by research scientists and
other researchers within the designated area.

Reporting to the Research Lead, this position is responsible for:

-To select and construct appropriate study designs for research activities
that include clinical trials, observational studies and laboratory
-To prepare analysis plans or protocols based on a thorough understanding
of the issues and constraints for the research activity
-To write moderately complex statistical programs, functions and macros to
manipulate raw data and to create new variables for final data analysis
and conduct simulation studies where required
-To perform a range of statistical analysis of data arising from research
activities including advanced and complex statistical analyses as
required/requested for each individual research project.
-To interpret the results from the data analyses and write statistical
sections of the study reports/publications including preparation of
appropriate tables and figures.
-To design and maintain study databases and write advanced data management
computer programs and evaluate new statistical software when required
-To collaborate with investigators on their research grants, including
conducting sample size/power calculations, reviewing papers and protocols.
-To provide statistical consultation to and instruct researchers,
assistants and students in the methods of statistical analysis and
-To construct graphs and tables for collaboration with researchers in
scientific presentations and manuscripts and to prepare the statistical
and technical sections of publishable manuscripts.
-To assist investigators in the preparation of publications and preparing
data analysis plans.
-To oversee statistical analysis completed by the research support staff,
data entry staff and trainees involved in the research activities.
-To have operational or supervisory duties within the area when necessary
-Teach and present on statistical methods to a variety of audiences
(peers, junior analytical staff, and collaborators)
-Organize, contribute to, and lead journal clubs, software training
groups, etc.

All Management and Out Of Scope positions are being reviewed for possible
inclusion in the AUPE General Support Services bargaining unit. If this
position is impacted, the incumbent will be notified accordingly.

-Master’s Degree in Statistics or Biostatistics with ideally at least 5
years related experience or a PhD or equivalent plus a minimum of three
years’ experience in a research setting.
-Advanced expertise with statistical software packages used within the
department is essential.
-Proven statistical computing skills are required and P.Stat or A. Stat
accreditation from the Statistical Society of Canada is desirable.
-Organized, resourceful and self-starting, with meticulous attention to
-Strong verbal and written communication skills.
-Proven ability to work in a team setting.

Apply directly here:


Research Scientist/Statistician
 Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research,
   CancerControl Alberta, Alberta Health Services
and Adjunct Associate Professor,
Departments of Oncology, & Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary

Please Note: a new mailing address effective 24th of February 2014
Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research
CancerControl Alberta, AHS
Richmond Road Diagnostic  & Treatment Centre
1820 Richmond Road, SW
Calgary, Alberta  T2T 5C7 Canada

Phone: (403) 955-4699 (RRDTC)
       (403) 220-6357  (HRIC) Wed and Fri
Fax:   (403) 476-2654
e-mail: kakopciu@ucalgary.ca
website: www.epi-research.org