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Fwd: [BCCUPMS] Term Math Instructors at Camosun College for September

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From: Susan Chen <Chen@camosun.bc.ca>
Subject: [BCCUPMS] Term Math Instructors at Camosun College for September
Date: June 26, 2014 at 4:43:25 PM PDT

Hello everyone,
We are looking for term instructors to teach six sections of first year mathematics and precalculus classes this September. Would you please forward this email to your faculty members and graduate students? The closing date is July 4. The posting and online application can be accessed at  http://camosun.ca/about/careers/employment.html
Thanks so much and hope you have a great summer!
Susan Chen
Chair of Mathematics and Statistics
Tel: 250.370.3497     chen@camosun.bc.ca      
Lansdowne Campus E260  www.camosun.ca/math       

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